Final Days in Paris

I’ll be honest with you. I was hoping to write this last post about Paris from the comfort of a train heading to Italy. However, due to slow subways and unfortunate pauses in the middle of the line, I am writing this last post from the comfort of the Paris Holiday Inn! You guessed it!... Continue Reading →


Let Them Eat Cake!

The Palace of Versailles. With its ‘humble’ beginnings as a hunting lodge to later being the seat of political power during the reign of King Louis XIV, Versailles certainly lives up to its lavish name! After at least 6 hours of walking around Versailles, we still did not get the chance to see everything. I’ll... Continue Reading →

Seven Days in Taize

Hello All! I apologize for being a little late in posting this. I have been hitting a bit of a writing block when I think about the week I spent in Taize. It was a week filled with prayer and discernment and new friends. I have been ‘digesting’ it. So, I will try my best... Continue Reading →

Jetlagged in Paris

I have officially begun my summer of travels. I am filled with a myriad of emotions as I write this. I am feeling excited and nervous and tired and anxious and adventurous and thrifty all at once! I am also thinking I am a bit crazy! (But the good kind of crazy!) I know I... Continue Reading →

My Summer Ahead

In just a few short days, I will be boarding a plane for Paris, France where I will begin my traveling adventures of the summer! I have been saving all year for this summer and I am ready to explore the world around me! Here is a general itinerary of my summer! May 19 -... Continue Reading →

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